Supreme boat transfer boat tour to the Blue Cave Biševo


Bright blue waters, ridiculously stunning beaches, a million opportunities to dive headfirst into off-the-beaten-track Mediterranean awesomeness! Discover miracles of nature, explore monuments of history and culture, and snorkel at award-winnings beaches. A sailing tour is a great chance for you to relax, get some wind in your hair, and see some amazing scenery and wildlife. Hop onboard the day tour with Split Taxi Boat mate!

Blue Cave on island Biševo by Supreme Boat transfer




8 am - Start from Split harbor
Morning - Blue Cave sightseeing
Noon - Stiniva beach swim & snorkeling, Budikovac swim & snorkeling
Early afternoon - Pakleni Islands, One of 4 ​restaurants, cocktail bar
Late afternoon - Visit Hvar
6:30 PM - Return to Split Harbor


Blue Cave: Not only is the Blue Cave one of the unique natural phenomena in the world, but this bright and beryl attraction on Bisevo island is destined to be the highlight of your Croatian holiday. The magnificent work of Mother Nature, this cerulean oasis is so unique because it is formed due to seawater eroding limestone, a rock Biševo island is wholly composed of. Thanks to the sunlight’s reflection off of the white seabed, which creeps through the opening of a vault at the top of the cave, a mesmerizing blue hue fills its capacity.

Stiniva: Stiniva Beach, also referred to as Stiniva Bay or Stiniva Cove, on Vis island is one of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever lay your eyes on! A secluded turquoise cove with pebbly shores and surrounding verdant cliffs are just some of the reasons why Stiniva Beach was rated Europe’s Best Beach in 2019.


Budikovac: With only a single person living on the island, running his restaurant, taking care of his animal farm and vegetable field, there are no ferries going to or off the islands, there are no cars, no noise or commotion. Only the restaurant, beach, and a clear turquoise sea surrounding it. Paradise on Earth!”


Pakleni Islands: The Pakleni Islands are a stunning chain of wooded isles that sit just off Hvar town on Croatia’s uber-famous Hvar Island. Pakleni Otoci literally translates to hell islands, but the Pakleni islands are anything but hell.


Hvar: Welcome to Hvar, an ancient city with a rich history. With its architecture, beautiful nature, and mild climate many would describe it as a true fairy-tale city. Sight-seeing this glamorous destination is the perfect “finale” of our tour.


Boating: Split Taxi Boat promise you that the travel itself will be another major highlight of this boat tour.