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Ultra Europe Split

The Ultra Europe Is Postponed

The Ultra Europe Festival Is Postponed for 2021!

 The Ultra Europe festival, which was scheduled from July 10 to July 12, 2020, at the Park Mladeži stadium in Split, is postponed to next year due to a pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus.
"The health crisis we are in is unprecedented and for us, there is no higher priority than the health, safety, and physical well-being of all our fans, as well as all those involved in the production and organization of the festival," the organizer said in a statement.


Changes regarding tickets

It was announced that purchased tickets for this year's edition will be valid for Ultra 2021 or 2022, depending on the choice, and as an additional benefit, you'll be provided with 20 euros which will be added to the festival bracelets. You'll be able to use the provided amount for food, drinks, or purchases in the official Ultra store. It's possible to change the ticket name for those who want to leave the tickets to someone else, refunds are also possible for those who do not want to use the purchased ticket. More information about the tickets will be sent to users via email upon request. "We hoped till the last moment that this year's edition would take place as we had planned, but we believe that we have a brighter future ahead of us and that we will return even stronger in 2021," said the organizer.

Ultra Europe Split

Festival ULTRA Europe remains in Croatia

Festival ULTRA Europe will remain in Croatia until 2022, and this news will further spice up the spectacular celebratory program marking the first five years of the festival. Another exclusive information was announced at the official press conference. Croatian football club Hajduk and the festival organizers have signed a sponsorship agreement, so ULTRA Europe is now the only festival in the world that directly supports the work and development of a professional football club.
We would like to remind you that the festival had its premiere in 2013, and the organizers can boast with impressive results in just five years. Split and Croatia have become unavoidable news in all world media, and according to data and results of economic and tourist traffic, the ULTRA Europe festival bears the epithet of the largest international event in Croatian history. It has more than 150 thousand visitors from over 140 countries around the world which is a fact that few events in the world can boast of. "I am proud and happy that I can finally confirm that the ULTRA Europe festival will remain in Croatia for at least another five years! This is a result that we would not be able to achieve without the unconditional support of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, city authorities, and the tourism sector, and I am sure that this successful cooperation will continue in the coming years.

Future of event

Our expectations and goals are very clear - with the unique concept of a destination festival to become the most important summer event and the largest festival in Europe with more than 180 thousand visitors" said the organizer.

The Town of Hvar

The Town Of Hvar

The Town of Hvar With Split Taxi Boat

Hvar town is the most beautiful and popular destination with the Blue Cave by Biševo amongst Split Taxi Boat guests. Our popular boat excursion Blue Cave and five islands or tailored boat tour Blue Cave and six islands are opportunities for the stunning experience of the best Adriatic destinations. Hvar is a diamond in the crown of Dalmatian touristic beauties. The combination of sightseeing heaven and exclusive brand new Colnago speedboat will make your day and boat trip unforgettable.

Hvar is one of the most exciting islands in the world

The hot summer days are slightly behind us. We are entering the most beautiful part of late summer days. Although most people use their vacation in July and August, hot summer days and crowded places aren't for everyone, and many prefer holidaying in the post-season.
The island of Hvar, a king among the Dalmatian islands, has been known since antiquity for its important strategic and nautical position, the richness of the stratification of historical periods, cultural and natural monuments, and literature.

Town Hvar with Split Taxi Boat

The unique harmony of nightlife and sightseeing destination

The island is characterized by mild winters, warm summers, and high insolation, allowing swimming in the sea from May to October and even longer for the braver ones. It hosts many guests, scientists, and occasional travelers who are attracted by the lush Mediterranean nature, rich tradition, and nightlife. Today, Hvar is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Hvar with Split Taxi Boat agency

While separation from the coast can sometimes be a handicap, it also provides protection from factory chimneys, traffic jams, and similar things that unfortunately come with civilization. Instead, there are vast fields of lavender, ancient olive trees, and vineyards, in the unique harmony of man and nature.

There are wine and olives, so a guest who wants to get closer to nature would rather go to a small Hvar tavern than to the most luxurious restaurant. They will try real homemade wine, instead of famous champagnes, they will sing an old island song and forget about the daily routine.

Split Taxi Boat invites you to explore this unique island that offers everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. Don't worry you have not missed the season yet. The beautiful beaches and coves can be even more impressive in the post-season because every beach is like your own private beach.

Blue Cave Biševo

Blue Cave Biševo

The Blue Cave by Biševo island

The Blue Cave is a natural pearl of the Adriatic Sea and the most attractive landmark of Island Biševo, which attracts a large number of curious tourists. The famous bay Mezoporat on our most remote offshore island is probably the busiest bay on the Adriatic in the summer season.The small island of barely 10 people is visited annually by more than 160,000 tourists. It is the number one destination for tourists from all over the world and therefore it not only raises the tourist value of the whole island but the whole of Dalmatia. Unfortunately, swimming in the cave is forbidden due to a large number of visitors.

Geomorphological monument of nature

The cave has two openings, one smaller, artificially deepened, through which a rowing boat can pass and this opening has no effect on the lighting in the cave. The second opening is like a vault and is much wider, it's on the south side of the cave below sea level and it's penetrated by sunlight. The Blue Cave is located 5 NM from the port of Komiža and is situated in the bay Baluni on the east side of the island of Biševo. At the suggestion of Baron Eugene Von Ransonnet in 1884, the entrance to the cave was opened to the public. It can only be entered with a small boat with only a few people. In 1951, the Blue Cave has declared a protected geomorphological monument of nature.

Amazing Dalmatian experience

There is no blue magical light in the entrance hall, but we can see all the splendor of the Blue Cave in the second, larger hall, which is separated from the first by a sunken rock in the shape of a bridge. At noon, the sun penetrates through the crack at the top of the cave, and then the sea in it shines like gold and the cave is shown in all its beauty. An experience that is difficult to describe in words and should be experienced at least once in a lifetime...

Due to the Blue Cave, the island of Biševo and the larger and more famous island of Vis have distinct tourist value. The Blue Cave is widely considered to be one of the best caves in the entire Adriatic, yet it’s only been fairly recently that it’s become such a renowned tourist attraction, alluring both Croatians and visitors from across the globe alike.